Annual Boat Service & Maintenance Checklist

One of the best ways to spend your spring holiday is on water. You will have so much fun cruising, sunbathing and taking a peek into a vast water body.

However, just before that, you need to ensure your boat is in the best condition. It is even more critical since your boat has been on leave for the past few months.

For you to do this, one thing you will need to do is check out your boat. While this might be complicated, having a checklist makes things less tricky.

So, are you wondering what to assess? Here’s an annual boat service and maintenance checklist that helps.

Cables, Belts and Hoses

You will need to check your cables, belts, and hoses to affirm that your boat is in top condition.

First, check your control cables and ensure that there is no swelling or crack in its outer layer. Where there is one, it means you need to replace your lines.

Also, check your engine belts and ensure that they fit tightly to your pulleys. This is to ensure that it does not slip when you are in motion. You will also need to ensure it is not damaged by looking out for black substances close to your pulley. If you find them, then a replacement is due.

Electrical Connections

Next up is to check your boat’s electrical connection. And you will need to pay great attention to this.

Ensure you charge your boat’s battery and take it on a test. This is to confirm that it is still functional and can hold the charge.

Also, review other electrical connections and ensure there is no wear and tear. You might want to use a brush to clean dirt from the surface to ensure it is all good. Then, confirm there is no case of corrosion.

However, due to the technical nature of electrical connections, it would be best to get a qualified technician.

Propellers and Hulls

Next up, you will need to check your propellers and ensure there is no damage. For you to do this, ensure that there is no unwanted vibration during its performance. In case you notice an issue of poor performance, then your prop systems needs a replacement.

Also, check out your hull and ensure that there is no distortion or crack.

Fluid Levels

Now, you need to check every fluid levels and ensure they meet up with standard requirements. This will include checking your coolant, power steering fluid, power trim reservoir, and engine oil.

You might want to change the engine oil, add another oil filter, and change the drive lubricant.

Safety Gear

You need to ensure that your safety gears are in one piece. So, ensure that you have an adequate number of life jackets. And that they are functioning well. You might want to consider the bodyweight of passengers when getting life jackets.

Also, ensure that you have fire extinguishers on board. And they are the relevant class that fits your boat.

In Conclusion

Your boat is an investment. That is why you need to spend considerable effort maintaining it. In this article, we have provided you with a checklist that you can use to know if your boat is in top condition.

However, it does not end there. You will need a professional technician for some of your maintenance needs. At Henley Marine, we provide just that. You can contact us for more information.