General Fabrication

At Henley’s Custom Marine, we offer general fabrication for your boating needs. We comprise a team of expert technicians with combined experience passing two decades. We bring this experience to fore as we provide stainless steel fabrication for your benefit.

Our capacity to support your needs does not stop at small projects. We can support a big project. We are skilled and capable regardless of your boat size, shape or structure. Our fabrications are of the highest quality, meaning you enjoy durability and value for money.

Our general fabrication services cuts across the following categories

Whether for your fishing or powerboats, we can design, fabricate, then cover your boats with our stainless steels that ensures you and your family can stay safe.

We provide bait board that allows you to enjoy a seamless experience as you go fishing. We fabricate our bait boards from quality stainless steel that ensures you enjoy optimal board performance.

We also offer fabricated steels for those looking to customise their boats. Our custom steels are perfect for boat names, lettering service, and port names. We provide the exact size that you need to fit perfectly into your boats.

We fabricate high-quality steels that fit into your BBQ needs. Our fabrication comes in a wide variety such as the flush mount, gas or electric, and flush mount model, among others. We also complement this with accessories such as carry bags and covers, stainless mount, stands, and gas bottles.

Whether as a new addition or an extension, we offer, customise, and fabricate steel duckboards that can suit your needs and boat size. We also manufacture safety duckboard rails that you can use to set up other accessories.

We fabricate and install bow and grab rails that fit into your boat curves and provide assistance and support to passengers onboard your boat.

We customise, fabricate, and fit fender baskets into your boat. We ensure they are the right size and structure for your boat storage. We fabricate them to fit perfectly with your boat rails.

Why Choose Us At Henley’s Custom Marine

We welcome you to try out our general fabrication at Henley’s Custom. With us, you get the following

High-Quality Delivery

If there is one thing you can count on us to deliver on, it is outstanding quality. At Henley’s Custom Marine, we pay great attention to durability and superior design. Our delivery comes from the best materials.


Customised Delivery

We customise our fabrication to meet each of your needs to the barest details. We make them in line with your precise templates and measurement. We consider your dimension, and width needs.



Our high-quality service comes at a cost-effective rate. With us, you do not need to break the bank. We provide a flexible and affordable rate that allows you to enjoy a get our services while remaining financially convenient.

If you are interested in our service offering, you can contact us through any of the means below. We look forward to meeting you and your boat.