Owning a boat is only half the job, you will need to ensure your boat remains fit and in the best condition possible. And for you to do this, you need to maintain your vessel.

Owning a boat is only half the job, you will need to ensure your boat remains fit and in the best condition possible. And for you to do this, you need to maintain your vessel.

However, your boat maintenance can be quite complicated. And while you go can go on to do regular cleaning on your own. You will need to leave certain maintenance activities for professional. That is where we come in.

At Henley’s Custom Marine, we provide maintenance services for your powerboats and fishing boats. Our goal is to ensure that your ship can remain in the best condition while you avoid breakdown.

Our maintenance services cut across the following category.

Regular Washes

We understand that constant exposure to seawater can damage your boat in the long run. As such, we help you wash your boats regularly to rid your ship of damaging debris and dirt. We also wash off saltwater to ensure your boat keeps up its top-notch performance.


Electrical Systems

We understand that your electrical systems are quite vulnerable to wear and tear. As such, we maintain your electrical systems for your boat’s optimal performance. We carry out a regular diagnosis to pick up every possibility of damage.

Then, we make repairs when necessary to ensure your boat remains optimal. Our repairs cut across pumps, light, switch panel, and battery chargers, among others.



Regardless of your boat’s make and model, we provide antifouling services that you can enjoy. We take care of your underwater maintenance needs regardless of your boat’s size.


Polishing and Waxing

We understand that scratches are sometimes unavoidable. Regardless, we ensure your ship can retain its great look with our waxing and polishing services. Whether it is a minor interior finishing or a comprehensive restoration, we provide easy access to your boat’s restoration.


Why Choose Us

We welcome you to try out our maintenance services at Henley’s Custom. With us, you get the following

With us, you get access to expert technicians who can attend to every need of your boat. You can stay assured that you make a reliable pick with us. Our technicians will ensure that they leave no stone untouched as they try to give your boat a clean bill of health.

Also, you can trust us to deliver regardless of your boat type or model. We have specialised and general technicians available for every need.

We tailor our service to support each of your needs by supporting flexible arrangements.  We are available to visit your home or office to service your boat where necessary.

We ensure that regardless of the time of day, you can get our technicians working at full speed on your boat to get the best results.

Our high-quality service comes at a cost-effective rate. With us, you do not need to break the bank to keep your boat working at top speed. We provide a flexible and affordable rate that allows you to enjoy your boat maintenance financially.

If you are interested in our service offering, you can contact us through any of the means below. We look forward to meeting you and your boat.