Restoration & Refit

Owning an old boat is not the end of the world. You can still enjoy numerous sails and time in the sun. However, if you have experienced newer models and you feel your old boat does not fit the bill anymore, it is still okay. You can always restore and modernise your boat to fit into your new taste.

At Henley’s Custom Marine, this is where we come in. We offer restoration and refit services that you can maximise to transform your old boat to your new taste. We help you install modern equipment that was once unavailable. This way, you can feel like you are in a new boat.

With our restoration services, you do not need to get rid old your boat. You can easily retain it while still getting a new feel. We mirror your existing layout and lines. What we then do is improve on your original designs and bring the accessibility, functionality, and beauty of modern perspectives and systems.

With our refit services, we replace your engines, marine electronics, and operating systems. We even go as far as modifying the available accommodation.

Our restoration and refit services include the following

Hull Stripping and Antifouling
Resin Infusion & Moulding
Complete Body Maintenance, Repairs, & Paint Work
Electronics Equipment & Lighting
Professional Interior and Exterior Design
Classic Timber Craft Maintenance, Repairs, Refit & Joinery
GRP and Composite Repairs
Gyro Stabiliser, Active Stabiliser and Humphree Fins Installations in Fibreglass, Composite, and Timber Boats
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Plumbing

Why Choose Henley’s Custom Marine

We welcome you to try out our restoration and refit services at Henley’s Custom. With us, you get the following

Expert Technicians

With us, you get access to expert technicians who are skilled with restoration and refit. You can stay assured that you make a reliable pick with us. Our technicians will ensure that they leave no stone untouched as they modernise your boat both in appearance and functionality.

Also, you can trust us to deliver regardless of your boat type or model. We have specialised and general technicians available for every need.


Bespoke Delivery

We tailor our service to meet each of your boat needs. We consult with you to understand the result you want to achieve with the restoration and refit process. Through this process, we provide our experts to advise on various areas so you can make the right choice.

Then, we get to work and bring your intention to reality. We ensure that regardless of what you want, we bring them to life in your boat. 



Our high-quality service comes at a cost-effective rate. With us, you do not need to break the bank to modernise your boat. We provide a flexible and affordable rate that allows you to enjoy a new ship in your old boat while remaining financially convenient.

If you are interested in our service offering, you can contact us through any of the means below. We look forward to meeting you and your boat.