We understand that you need your boat looking impeccable and maintaining its operational efficiency. However, we know that your ship cannot avoid wear and tear. Usually, your boat gets exposed to UV rays that the sun produces. There is also the constant exposure to both saltwater and freshwater. This all contribute considerably to ensuring that your woodwork gets vulnerable to rot and leak

At Henley’s Custom Marine, this is where we come in. We understand this situation first hand. As such, we help prevent your boat from suffering from the varnish breakdown caused by various factors. We commit ourselves to provide exceptional layers of varnish that ensures your boat can stay safe from leaks and rots.

We have considerable experience in varnishing that allows us to determine the right amount of layer that your boat needs. Whether for your new ships or old boats, we ensure we provide the proper dosage of high-quality varnish that keeps your boat in top condition.

Our varnish finishing does not stop at your boat’s exterior. We also work on your boat’s interior to ensure that your ship regains that shining look that got you attracted in the first place. Our team are skilled and can handle various jobs to meet your needs. Whether you need to strip off your woodwork and reapply varnish or you need a few touches of varnish, we are always available.

Our varnishing services cut across the following categories

Brush & spray finishes
Regular single pack varnishes
Varnish repairs
Staining and colour matching
Brush & spray finishes
Water damage
Two pack of varnishes & clear coatings
Wood repair

Why Choose Us At Henley’s Custom Marine

We welcome you to try out our varnishing services at Henley’s Custom. With us, you get the following

High-Quality Delivery

If there is one thing you can count on us to deliver on, it is outstanding quality. At Henley’s Custom Marine, we pay great attention to every detail as we transform your boat’s look and keep it on top condition.

We are a team of expert with many years delivering quality. Our track record means that we guarantee this to you through every of our task with you. With us, there is no compromise on quality.


Comprehensive Delivery

We are not just renowned for our quality delivery. Our comprehensive delivery also means we can stand out in the market. We cater for your exterior and interior requirements. Even, it does not matter the size or model of your boats. We can attend to your needs.



Our high-quality service comes at a cost-effective rate. With us, you do not need to break the bank to protect your boat. We provide a flexible and affordable rate that allows you to enjoy our services while remaining financially convenient.

If you are interested in our service offering, you can contact us through any of the means below. We look forward to meeting you and your boat.